Tropical Gin&Tonic (Gin Tonic Twist) - Distileria Magura Zamfirei

Tropical Gin&Tonic (Gin Tonic Twist)

Gin & Tonic is the most famous and perfect Gin recipe in the world. Simple, aromatic, for any season… Theoretically, it does not need any adjustment. However, our Zamfira gave it a personal twist, being inspired by Razna’s stories about Distant Lands. So he added mango puree for an extra taste. An exotic must try, Magura Zamfirei Distillery version.




  • 40 ml Moonlight Gin
  • 5 ml of fresh lemon
  • 15 ml mango puree
  • 50 ml tonic water




Pour Moonlight Gin, fresh lemon and mango puree into a shaker with ice.
Mix vigorously until combined.
It is then strained into a pre-chilled cocktail glass.
If you want a special presentation, you can decorate with cimbrisor and yellow flower.