Nutty Zamfira (Mai Tai Twist) - Distileria Magura Zamfirei

Nutty Zamfira (Mai Tai Twist)

How did Zamfira create this story? Long after Razna and her band of outlaws left, Zamfira fell madly in love with a towering man from the village of Setraru. To impress him, our Zamfira created a new cocktail, with the intention of offering it when the man would return to his famous pub. Aromatic, with vanilla notes, inspired by the forests near Magura, Nuty Zamfira is an unforgettable experience for each of us.




  • 40 ml Haiduc Rum
  • 20 ml of fresh lemon
  • 20 ml of pine syrup
  • 20 ml hazelnut liqueur
  • 30 ml egg white




Add Haiduc Rum, fresh lemon, pine syrup, hazelnut liqueur and egg white in a shaker with ice.
Shake vigorously until mixed and cool the shaker well.
It is then strained into a pre-chilled cocktail glass.
Garnish with raspberries.