GIN TONIC - Distileria Magura Zamfirei


Gin No. 4 + Tonic… guess what the mushroom is? We think you know the answer, but you have to click to find out.
The most famous Gin recipe in the world… theoretically it doesn’t need any adjustment… it’s perfect. However, we gave it a “story from Magura” twist and replaced the lemon with blueberries. Hmmm…a must try option from Magura Zamfirei Distillery.
Contains part of the Spirit of the Woods near Magura. To 150 ml of tonic, add 50 ml of Gin No. 4. It’s not just about gin, but about the legendary aroma, with hints of blackberry, hibiscus and aronia, included in it!




  • Ice
  • 50 ml Dry Gin No. 4
  • A slice of lime or 2, 3 blueberries
  • 150 ml tonic water




Fill a tall glass with ice
Pour the gin over the ice
Add the lime slice or blueberries
Pour tonic water and decorate the glass with another slice of lime.