GIN MARTINI - Distileria Magura Zamfirei


What happens if you add dry vermouth, two slices of orange or lemon and even some green olives to Dry Gin No. 4?
Where was this famous cocktail born? It seems that everything started in the 1860s, around the same time when our beautiful Zamfira was preparing magical liqueurs in her still. But, the story of this cocktail started far away… maybe even across the ocean from a man named Martinez. Whether Zamfira heard of Martinez and his recipe or maybe they met the same Spirit of Inspiration, we will never know, but the important thing is that Gin Martini passed the test of time and reached us. At that time, Martinez made it from gin, sweet vermouth, bitters and maraschino liqueur. We will present Zamfira’s recipe which, we believe, is better and simpler:




  • 60 ml Dry Gin No. 4
  • 30 ml dry vermouth
  • 1.25 ml orange bitters




Combine gin and vermouth in a glass filled with ice cubes
Mix for 30 seconds
Pour everything into a chilled cocktail glass
We prefer it simple, but for beauty you can add orange or lemon peels… or olives to the cocktail.