Baroness (Daiquiri twist)

This famous cocktail has existed for over a century and bears the name of the location where it was created: the small town of Daiquiri in Cuba. It is supposed to have been invented in 1898 by an American mining engineer named Jennings Cox. A US Navy medical officer brought the recipe from Cuba about a decade later, introducing it to the United States.
But how did our Zamfira hear about this famous drink? Maybe from word to word, maybe they had the same inspiration… We don’t know for sure either.




  • 50 ml Haiduc Rum
  • 20 ml of fresh lime
  • 15 ml honey syrup
  • 4-5 mint leaves



Combine Haiduc Rum, fresh lime, honey syrup and mint leaves in a glass filled with ice cubes.
Mix for 30 seconds.
Pour everything into a chilled cocktail glass.
We prefer it simple, but, as a decoration, you can add a honeycomb and some mint leaves.