Recipes - Distileria Magura Zamfirei



    We have a surprise-riddle for you: what do you think you can do with a handful of basil, lemon, sugar syrup, egg white and GIN NO. 4 from Magura Zamfirei Distillery?

  • Coconut Tom Collins

    This famous cocktail has created many controversies over time, because it is not known who is actually the original creator and who is this Tom who bears his name.

  • Bramble

    This famous cocktail was officially invented in 1984 by London bartender Richard Bradsell.


    Almost disappeared with Prohibition, this Classic found its place among the recipes next to Magura Zamfirei. Find out how to prepare it!


    Gin No. 4 + Tonic... guess what the mushroom is? We think you know the answer, but you have to click to find out.


    What happens if you add dry vermouth, two slices of orange or lemon and even some green olives to Dry Gin No. 4...


    Why is it called a Gimlet... a Gimlet? Well, you can find out right now.

  • Zamfira’s medicine

    It is said that once, while lying in bed, caught by a cold, Zamfira remembered the recipe for a cocktail...

  • Tropical Gin&Tonic (Gin Tonic Twist)

    Gin & Tonic is the most famous and perfect Gin recipe in the world. Simple, aromatic, for any season...

  • Negroni Twist

    In 1919, in Florence, the history of the Negroni cocktail began when Count Camillo Negroni asked his friend...

  • Fairy godmother’s potion (French 75 Twist)

    It is said that, still traveling and still travelling, Zamfira came across the great Ursitoare...

  • Delusion of the Fairies (Bramble Twist)

    This cocktail carries the taste or wild spirit of the forest, to which a unique twist has been added - the Magura Zamfirei Distillery brand.

  • Nutty Zamfira (Mai Tai Twist)

    How did Zamfira create this story? Long after Razna and her band of outlaws left, Zamfira fell madly in love with...

  • Magura's rustle (Mojito Twist)

    Magura on which our Zamfira placed her famous tavern near the village of Setraru.

  • Zamfira's Reverie (Dark'n Stormy Twist)

    It is said that ideas for cocktails visited Zamfira in the most unexpected moments.

  • Remembrance of Far Lands (Tiki Cocktail Twist)

    Standing with Razna and her band of outlaws on the Danube, Zamfira listened fascinated to their adventures from other lands...

  • Baroness (Daiquiri twist)

    This famous cocktail has existed for over a century and bears the name of the location where it was created: the small town of Daiquiri in Cuba.