MUMA – ABOUT MUMA FOREST AND ZAMFIRA - Distileria Magura Zamfirei


A long time ago, when the forests were greener and the sky was bluer, there lived a beautiful girl. And she was proud, smiling, but also quick to anger, when the need showed itself. With long, ebony hair and sudden movements, this was our Zamfira. It is said that she was so beautiful, smiling and bright, that you could look at the sun, but at her, well. Because the girl’s eyes changed color, from a blue like the clear glassy sky, to turquoise, indigo or even black, they resembled two priceless sapphires.

As her parents died unexpectedly, she left their home at a very young age, looking for her purpose and luck. He wanted very much, he felt it, to lead his life beautifully, but also thrillingly. So he ventured west, crossed the borders of Romania in Transylvania and then deep into the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Arriving in this new world, he marveled at the beautifully paved streets and majestic buildings of Vienna and talked to many people. Finally, going northwest, he reached the beautiful city of Pilsen. Here he met the innkeeper Volk, with whom he became friends. He had no children, so he accepted Zamfira as his daughter.

Amu, it’s clear that I’ve been standing next to the innkeeper for years and years, the girl learned her craft from him. She knew how to take care of a tavern and its customs. He learned well how humane and firm the innkeeper had to be, when to smile and when to frown, when to hear the words of the admonitions and when to go about his business, ignoring them.

She also learned how to mix various ingredients in drinks, so as to make them tastier and more giving of strength, good will and chosen words. She also learned from the tavern keeper how to defend herself and handle herself in difficult or unforeseen situations. Amu, we know that she was a devil even before she met Volk, because it was not for nothing that she managed to conquer so far in the west, more alone than accompanied.